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Crystal sets in one form or another,either 'breadboard' home made or purchased, would probably have been the first introduction to radio for most children (more likely boys!) 40-50 years ago : and the great thing is they still work today. A radio working without electricity or batteries still gives a sense of achievment for many young people , and can lead to a lifetime hobby in amateur radio. The Crystal set illustrated with matching headphones , still have their original boxes .
This set : 27/6d for the radio and 15/-s for the phones, was much desired by me as a child in the 1950's , but way above my 'means' of 1/- ( 5p) a week pocket money. Now a treasured item in our collection.

Wind up gramaphones large or portable would have a soundbox (pickup) this in turn required a needle to transfer the information off the record to the soundbox. So what,you say,'needles are needles',well maybe : but needle tins, that's something different...there are literally hundreds of types all shapes and sizes. If you want to start a new hobby/collection this could be just the one to catch your interest. We have just a few dozen in our collection , but it's like many hobbies you can soon get hooked on trying to find that elusive 'pyramid' or special shape or design to enhance your collection....beware !!!!
Remember that old 'Sooty'egg cup you threw out or the PYE TV money box , just like many items that end up at boot fairs and charity shops , someone - somewhere is desperately looking for just that piece to add to thier own collection.......

Something for the ladies here perhaps ? , collecting does not have to be limited to vintage items , take a look at ' The Antiques Roadshow ' , many items now on the tables at boot fairs will no doubt be seen in such shows in the not to distant future.
Novelty radios , although they will be ' transistor-solid state ', are now becoming more attractive to collectors , especially the early 'vest pocket' 'Hong-Kong imports of the early 1960's and in particular the Sinclair miniature radios , are much sought after.

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