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Moving house and some how saving most of the collection has been a traumatic experience during the last year,but things are gradually getting back to near normal ( what ever that is !! ).The space available for the collection and restoration has now has dramatically reduced but definitely not abandoned,so hopefully,this update will assure all the people that have kindly contributed items to the collection will know they are still in safe hands.

The contents/pictures on this 2011 update page show some of the new arrangement made for storage and continued restoration of existing and newly aquired items.
With my special thanks and appreciation to Mrs Rollason and family for thier generous donations to the collection.

Overflow from the collection display and workshop has meant some items being kept where ever there is a spare space (and I am trying not to religate anything to the loft-out of sight ! ! )constant re-arranging helps to ensure that nothing is disposed of than can be saved from extinction,it is pretty unlikely valve/tube equipment is ever going to be manufactured again, so preservation is vital.
Display case of retro and novelty radios many are presents ( birthday and christmas ) from family and friends. all ' solid-state ' and some give surprisingly good reception for thier size.

I'm very gladto know that you have chosen a Bush set-and,if any words of mine have persuaded you to do this,so much the better!
Reliability is one of the most important claims that the Bush people make,and one that is fully justified,and on that ground I always recommend Bush.
Very soon you will be able to do the same with equal confidence, for bush makes and keeps friends. You will find Bush dealers in all radio matters are as reliable as the Bush sets they sell-I can pay them no Higher compliments. I wish you very happy listening.

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