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Tankerton on Sea , Whitstable , Kent . U.K.

Formerly Aerial Services ( Whitstable )

!! And NO LONGER at the Tankerton Road address, and were established for 25 years at the shop which CLOSED April 2004.

' Aerial Services (Whitstable) '

Provided a TV and VHF Aerial Installation and repair service for the local community within a 25 mile radius of Whitstable covering both,domestic and commercial,single and multiple point work,and some VHF communications.
Since the advent of Satellite television and the demand for its services,the business concentrated on only domestic installation and service work.

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This new addition to our web-site (October 2009)
This diverts from the usual radio collection to 'old time TV ' ,
We were lucky enough to come'runners-up' in the recent DigitalUK promotion
to find the oldest working TV in the UK.
Hence this new page and the extra bit of nostalgia on the following page.

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What you need to know before collecting vintage radios

Collecting vintages has always obsessed us because these help us reconnect to a fascinating world. Vintage radios are some of the most desired items as they recall us about forgotten histories. But before collecting them, there are certain things you need to know. These will provide you the necessary knowledge to recognize and appreciate authentic pieces.

Things you need to know about vintage radio collections

Before starting your radio collection it is important to know more about its history. Knowing the story of all your collection items allows you to share them with the charming escorts you invite to your place. The first model is considered to be the Crystal Radios which could be assembled at home by connecting it to a simple antenna. However, these initial versions were mainly used to teach children about technology rather than for personal use. Impress a pretty escort from by describing the basic technology using an original item.

The world progressed fast, and this is visible through technology. Radios have been improved when Vacuum Tube was invented. Unlike Crystal model which had a bad quality sound, the tube version has revolutionized the world. Everyone was able to inform themselves or to listen for some good music just by turning on this simple tube. An escort would be fascinated to hear the story of the new model that made possible a worldwide communication. Take her through this journey with your vintage collection of transistor radios. These are the next generation produced through a more advanced technology which is still used today.

The best vintage radios brands to include in your collection

When you collect old items for you or your escorts, pay attention to the brands you acquire. The most famous one is General Electric (GE). This has produced thousands of types of authentic radios which are today considered valuable not only from a financial point of view but also from an emotional one. Surprise your escorts with some GE vintage items with special design meant to inspire their creative imagination. Emerson is another old brand that makes your collection more valuable than it is. This brand came up with an interesting design and an improved sound.

Philips and Panasonic are important companies that started with radios but extended their area of production. Their models would be the perfect gift for your ladies from the Escort Directory as these are expensive and match a luxurious room design. Owning a Zenith model is probably every collector’s dream. Knowing that these were the most successful models throughout the history makes you value them even more. Maybe the most important rule regarding collections is that quality depends on how old and rare the item acquired is. Spend a legendary time with a curious escort passionate just like you, about authentic vintage items with a story to tell.

Consider all these tips and you are ready to start your own vintage radio collection. Create the fascinating world with the valuable items inherited over the years from a society that made possible the progress we reached today.

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